Zippy Slaw

Ingredient List:

Fresh Hot (and/or mild) Peppers – any variety flavor and color – seeded and rough chop.  I used a combination of Yellow Wenks Hot (that had ripened to a beautiful red), green Jalapenos and a yellow Aji Cristal.  There was no magic to that combination, just what I had on hand.   The hot peppers will contribute both flavor and heat, so add according to your heat threshold.  (If you don’t like hot peppers, you can substitute sweet bell peppers, any color combination.  Then of course, it is no longer zippy slaw, but it is still delicious slaw.)

Carrots – peeled and rough chopped – I used about 3

Celery –  1 to 2 ribs (to your taste), rough chop – I used 4 stalks from a “celery hearts” package

Onion – your favorite kind and to your taste, rough  chop – I used Vidalia, about an eighth of the onion

Green Cabbage – I used one small head – washed and finely shredded (I shredded with a knife on a cutting board)

Sugar – to taste – about  2 teaspoons

Red Wine Vinegar – about 2 teaspoons

Smart Balance Brand light mayonnaise

Salt to taste


Place the peppers, carrots, celery and onion in the food processor.  Chop well, but do not puree or let get too mushy.  Add to a large bowl with the cabbage.  Sprinkle with the sugar and vinegar.  Add the Smart Balance mayo (start with a small spoonful – you can always add more) and stir to blend well.  Taste and adjust seasoning.


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