Rhubarb for Baking


Pink and green, my two favorite complementary colors and just one more reason why I love rhubarb!  My wonderful niece, Angela, gave me some fresh rhubarb and I decided to chop and freeze it for future baking.  I used my food processor and chopped it fine, then bagged it in one cup portions for the freezer.  I loved the sour, almost grassy smell of the freshly chopped rhubarb.

chopped rhubarb

I set one cup aside to try in the breakfast bread recipe as a substitute for fresh cranberries, which are practically impossible to find out of season.

rhubarb bread

I think it tastes great – I could still taste the banana, and the tart tang of the rhubarb was a perfect balance to the sweet of the dark chocolate.  Because I chopped the rhubarb so small, you could not see it, but the flavor was there.  This is a fairly clever seasonal substitute because cranberries can usually only be found in the fall and rhubarb is a spring thing.


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