Roasted Potato and Veggie Salad

This is my first post from my iPad, and an iPad 1 at that. So if you notice anything quirky, that would be the reason! I’m learning as I go! It’s all fun, though 🙂

My friend, Arlene, and I found ourselves with some delicious leftover roasted potato wedges and steamed green beans and asparagus. We gave ourselves a creative recipe challenge and decided to turn them into a salad using whatever else we could find in the refrigerator. This is what we combined:

Roasted potato wedges, cut in thirds

Crisp steamed green beans, rustic chop (Arlene defines her rustic chop as varying lengths to add visual interest)

Crisp steamed asparagus, rustic chop

Red and yellow bell pepper,diced

Roasted red beets, diced

Red onion slivers

Kalamata olives, halved and pitted

Marinated artichoke hearts, quartered

Jumbo green olives, sliced

Feta cheese crumbles

Greek salad dressing – we used Ken’s Steakhouse Greek dressing

We simply tossed it all together and placed in a serving bowl, topped with more cheese crumbles and refrigerated to marinate the flavors.

How creative can you get this summer with your leftovers?


Arlene is doing her “rustic chop” on the veggies!




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