Kitchen Sink Pizza (everything but)

End of a long day – tired, hungry, grumpy even.  Scott out of town.  Nothing in the ‘fridge.  Time for an attitude adjustment….

It always puts me in a good mood to create dinner when at first it looks like there is nothing to eat.  Success means I feel creative and accomplished all at once – an upper.  So I dug around in the refrigerator, and looked around the kitchen, and came up with a yummy pizza dinner.

This is what I found lurking everywhere but the kitchen sink:

Leftover homemade hummus flavored with garlic and chives

One small Udi’s gluten free pizza crust

A jar of pitted Kalamata olives – just a few left

A jar of capers – again, just a few left

A small handful of grape tomatoes sitting on the counter – already washed (yay!)

Fresh basil leaves mixed in with the garden lettuce bowl in the refrigerator – already washed (yay!)

The bottom of a jar of  fresh Parmesan cheese – not enough for even a small pizza

New bag (yay!) of shredded cheese – Italian blend

1 small, perfectly ripe avocado

Leftover homemade Italian Vinaigrette

A few baby orange sweet peppers

This is what I made:

I spread the hummus on the pizza crust and topped with the whole basil leaves.  I used a serrated knife to quarter the tomatoes lengthwise and slice the olives into circles.  I sprinkled the pizza with the tomatoes, olives, and capers.  I topped with the Parmesan cheese (bonus – felt great to throw away the now empty containers from the refrigerator!) and the shredded Italian cheese and baked in our counter-top convection oven (400 degrees – 12 to 15 minutes).  I tossed a quick salad with the remaining garden lettuce, avocado, peppers and vinaigrette.  The pizza was really good – could be on a menu somewhere, you know like kind of an intentional thing 😉

Here is the pizza before the cheese.  Placing fresh basil UNDER the cheese prevents it from burning at the high oven temperature.   As a side note, I liked the contrast of colors, shapes and sizes of these toppings.  I was really starting to cheer up 🙂  I did the slicing to make the tomatoes and olives stretch further, but they’re more bite sized this way, too.

Kitchen Sink Pizza

Where is the picture after the pizza was done?  I ate it – sorry.  I mean, I ate half the pizza before I remembered I didn’t take a picture.  Just trust me on this one.  It was great!




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