Roasted Corn with Tomatoes and Avocado

Roasted Corn with Tomato Avocado

It’s always a big event to eat the first corn on the cob of the season.  As a kid, my brother and sister and I made many games out of eating the corn off the cob.  “Typewriter” was a favorite, as we zipped our teeth the complete length of the cob and concluded with a messy “ding!”  Many moons later I shy away from eating corn straight from the cob, especially in a group, to avoid the kernels sticking in my teeth.  For this lunch party, I sliced our grilled corn off of the cob and tossed with grape tomatoes, diced avocado and a splash of my Italian Vinaigrette.   The robust vinaigrette added a very quick punch of seasoning and flavor, making this an easy dish to pull together.


Fresh Corn on the Cob, shucked

Unsalted Butter, melted

Freshly ground Salt and Pepper to taste

Grape Tomatoes, washed and sliced into rounds or quarters (get creative!)

Avocado, peeled and diced

Your favorite Italian Vinaigrette


Melt the butter and grind in some salt and pepper.  Brush on the corn.  Grill over medium heat on a grill.  Scott actually grilled the corn on “release” foil to prevent the butter from dripping down through the grate and flaring up.  He grilled it for about 20 minutes, turning to grill all sides.  The corn was smoky and browned, but still just a touch crispy-tender, not mushy.  Very good.

We brushed melted butter with salt and cracked black pepper on the corn before grilling

We brushed melted butter with salt and cracked black pepper on the corn before grilling

When the corn is cool, use a sharp knife to slice it off the cob.  Place in a bowl and toss with the tomatoes and vinaigrette.  Add vinaigrette sparingly – you don’t want this dish swimming in it.  Add the avocado and toss lightly.


One response to “Roasted Corn with Tomatoes and Avocado

  • Sue Baumann

    Yummy and healthy too….I was lucky enough to be a benefactor of this wonderful meal, and it was DELICIOUS! Good friends, good food…that’s what life is about!!!

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