Guacamole Freeze

avocado frozen

This guacamole was made from frozen avocado – yes, believe it or not!

I am so happy to have learned some preservation tips over the past year for avocados.  I love to eat them with almost everything but they are so difficult to buy at just the right level of ripeness.  If they don’t get used immediately they turn dark quickly.  And of course, I hate wasting food!  I read a tip that once ripe, you can store whole avocados in the refrigerator until ready to use and it really does work.  I now buy them a little on the hard side, leave them on the counter until ready to use and whatever I can’t use, I simply refrigerate (whole, uncut) until I am ready for them again.  It really works.  Then my sis experimented with another trick with great success.  She peeled and froze some ripe avocado in a baggie.  She added the seeds to the bag for extra preservation/luck, and this post demonstrates the test results – a very fast and easy guacamole!

Straight out of the freezer, the avocadoes looked fresh and green!  As they began to thaw, I thought they were perhaps beginning to turn brown, so I squeezed a bit of fresh lime juice in the bag and lightly smashed up the avocado.

avocado frozen 2

Once thawed, I removed the seeds and mushed up the avocado in the bag (no mess!)

avocado frozen 3


I added some fire-roasted salsa, mixed it up a bit in the bag and presto!  Guacamole!  Toss the bag for the easiest clean up ever.



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