About this blog…

This blog is dedicated to the “not so serious” cook who wants the general idea of how to make something – or simply some new inspiration – and just wants to “get at it!”   Meant to inspire you to cook creatively and work with your own pantry, the recipes list the ingredients I used to create the dish along with substitutions or suggestions for using up what you have on hand.   If a recipe needs to be more exact to ensure delicious results, the recipe will include measurements and detailed directions.

Happy creating and good eating!  Shelley Porter

Peeling shrimp and slicing avocado for a fun summer lunch with friends

Peeling shrimp and slicing avocado for a fun summer lunch with friends


A little bit about me…

I have loved to cook and bake since the summer I was old enough to create my own mud-pie bakery in our backyard.  I pleaded for an Easy Bake oven to no avail and was encouraged instead to learn to cook in a real kitchen with real food.  After I received my first children’s cookbook, I moved the summer bakery indoors and learned to make drop sugar cookies and ice cream pie.  A few more summers down the road and I was making cream puffs from scratch and cooking dinner after school from my mother’s handwritten notes.   All grown up now, I have a degree in Culinary Arts.  I’m a fairly good cook and can follow a recipe well, but…  at home my creative side tends to take over and I typically stray from the recipe, sometimes discarding  it completely.  I also do not like to waste food and view leftovers as an opportunity to be conquered into something new and delicious for dinner or a snack.   Put all of this together, along with some great tunes while making dinner, and you may find me a very good – if not so serious – cook, dishing up some really delicious food.


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