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Spicy Hard-Deviled Eggs




scotts eggs CROPOccasionally, Scott likes to get creative and mess around in the kitchen. Once upon a weekend afternoon, he hard-boiled some eggs and decided to use his friend’s Best Boy brand Sriracha Mustard  and Redhead Hot Sauce to make deviled eggs for me. Because I like deviled eggs, and he likes me.   BestBoy__3_1024x1024Redhead_023_web_1024x1024

Standing back to let him create, but kind-of-sort-of hovering, my tongue twisted and I called them “hard-deviled” eggs.  Checking back later on his progress, I again inadvertently called them “hard-deviled” eggs. Returning a third time to sample the results, I purposely called them “hard-deviled” and that was that – the name stuck. I was impressed with both his flavor and heat layering – the sriracha mustard, the hot sauce, and a spicy sweet pickle – and the pickle added a nice crunch! I’m happy to say the finished result was FANTASTIC, and Scott made it his mission to keep a constant supply in the ‘fridge for any time we need a quick protein boost to stave off hunger pangs.  Kudos to Scott and Best Boy!



8 eggs, hard-boiled, peeled and halved (Why 8? He never boils the entire carton of eggs so I will always have eggs for baking – gotta love this guy…)

6 each – Famous Dave’s spicy sweet pickle chips, chopped

5 teaspoons Best Boy Sriracha Mustard*

7 teaspoons Mayonnaise

2 teaspoons Best Boy Redhead Hot Sauce*

Cut the eggs in half length-wise and scoop out the yolks into a bowl.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.  Spoon the filling into the egg white halves.  Cover and refrigerate.

*Best Boy has an award-winning deli mustard that is quite delicious if you want less heat, and “redhead” is one of a trio of fabulous hot sauces (a super hot, fruity Blonde, a smokey Brunette and the flavorful Redhead).  Go ahead – mix and match the mustard and sauce in true Creative Recipe style to discover your favorite flavor combination. BestBoy__2_1024x1024Brunette_024_web_1024x1024 Blonde_022_web_1024x1024