The Big Pepper Freeze

Jalapeno peppers ready for the freezer
When I am overwhelmed with hot peppers from the garden, I wash them, remove most of the seeds (I work fast, so I don’t scrub them clean of seeds. A few seeds add a little extra heat – ditto for leaving the “ribs” or “veins” on the inside of the pepper intact – they add extra heat and I’m all for the heat!) and whirl them into a small chop in the food processer.  Then I spoon them into ice cube trays, cover with plastic and freeze until hard.  Finally, I pop them out of the trays into a freezer bag and freeze.  Any time I am making a soup, scrambled eggs, cornbread, a salsa, etc. I just stir in a frozen cube or two – or three – or four – and voila! Instant flavor and heat!  
Normally, I don’t like the thought of frozen peppers (i.e. sliced peppers for stir fry) because they get so mushy when thawed (I’m thinking that’s due to their high water content – all those little cells burst when they thaw…), but since these are chopped so small, it’s not a problem at all.  Works well!  And they add some nice color to dishes as well as the welcome heat!  Great way to remember summer in the midst of winter. 

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