Tropical Fruit Cheese Ball

This is a fun appetizer, and always a conversation starter!  It seems dorky (dried beef, pineapple and cream cheese?) and so 50’s, 60’s.  But once people taste it, they like it and ask for it again.  Scott’s sister really likes it so I always try to make it for family get-togethers on his side.  It’s very easy to make and very much a “make ahead” appetizer.  All that good stuff said, it’s not a low-cal, low-fat, low-sodium recipe.  But perfect for a party where it’s not the main course. 

Ingredient List:

Cream Cheese – 16 ounces, softened – you can use the real thing or substitute reduced fat, but I have never made with fat free, simply because I don’t like the taste or texture of fat free products.

Dried Beef – 4 ounces – I usually find this in the pre-packaged lunch meat section in little 2 ounces packages.  I used the Armour brand in a jar once, but I thought it was much saltier.

Dried Tropical Fruit – 1 6 ounce bag – It seems like the selection always varies – there actually is a product named “tropical fruit” – I usually look for any blend with mango, papaya, pineapple, coconut, etc.

Crushed Pineapple – 1 8 ounce can, well drained.  I buy the pineapple in juice, not heavy syrup.

Prepared Horseradish – 1 teaspoon.  (This is not horseradish sauce, mayo based.  This is the horseradish root, ground and packed in water and vinegar, etc.)

Worcestershire Sauce – 1 teaspoon

Onion Powder – ¼ teaspoon (use the powder so it gets well blended throughout the mixture)

Garlic Powder – 1/8 teaspoon (again, I use powder so it will blend well)


Dice the beef.  Chop the tropical fruit in a food processor (or chop on a cutting board – you don’t want any large pieces).

Place the cream cheese in a mixer bowl and beat until fluffy.  Add the beef, dried fruit, drained pineapple and seasonings.  Mix well.

Place in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  Refrigerate.


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