White Turkey Chili

Okay, this is a crazy recipe post!  There is absolutely no measuring whatsoever!!!  It’s a “just go for it” kind of thing.  I love to make white chicken chili whenever I have leftover roast chicken.  So I decided to use leftover turkey from Thanksgiving to make this.    This is how I did it.

I made the turkey for the family get-together on my side, so after Scott carved it that left  me with the “carcass” – you know, the bones – though there was still some skin, meat bits and so on stuck to them…  So I threw it all in a pot with some water, celery, carrot, onion, garlic and simmered it on the stove – a few hours later, I had oh, less than 2 quarts of stock/broth (stock is from bones; broth is from meat – ergo my stock/broth ingredient) that I strained into a pitcher.   A lot of effort for not so much stock/broth, but it’s rich and tasty and really, I didn’t have to do anything except rearrange the bones occasionally in the pot as they simmered….   So – once in the pitcher, the fat rose to the top.  I put it in the fridge overnight to harden the fat and make it easier to remove.   The next day I removed the fat and plopped the stock/broth into a pot (yes, plopped – the stock/broth becomes fairly solid in the refrigerator from the gelatin in the bones – it will turn to liquid as soon as you heat it).   I added some water, and a little chicken broth because the stock/broth all by itself did not look like it would make very much soup.   I also added:

Leftover turky (white meat!)

Chopped Jalapeno and Serrano peppers (The Big Pepper Freeze)

Salsa Verde (Salsa Verde) – I add this for extra flavor and the tomatillos add a little body (thickening) to the soup

Sweet Corn (I used frozen but you can also use canned white shoepeg corn – Green Giant)

White Northern Beans (I used canned, very well rinsed)

Fresh Mushrooms, diced

I brought it to a boil, then simmered it for 30 minutes or so.   The stock/broth was very rich so I cut up some lemon wedges  and put a squeeze into the soup bowl.  (I would have used lime, but I did not have any – the lemon surprised me – it was very good in the soup)  I added some shredded cheese and tortilla chips.  Sour cream and diced avocado are also perfect condiments for this soup.


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